Canvas Bars

Canvas Stretcher Bars

Here at Canvas Supplies we offer some of the highest quality canvas stretcher bars online, ranging from 18mm all the way to 38mm, suiting your every need.

Our stretcher bars are made of the highest quality pine available on the market to give your prints the finish it deserves. Coming in a arange of different lengths, look no further for your canvas bar needs!

We also supply a large range of canvas rolls and a number of different canvas supplies.

Stretcher bars are an integral part of your canvas and can provide the perfect finished look for your client. That’s why, here at Canvas Supplies, we are eager to provide some of the highest quality canvas bars available on the UK market. Crafted from smooth, durable pine, each of the bars on offer is guaranteed to hold your stretched canvas with ease, providing the ideal finish for your piece and a complete, neat look for your customer.

You, your canvases and your customers all deserve the very best in stretcher bars, so you can make your purchase in confidence that we not only understand that but are able to cater to it too. The materials are some of the best quality available at in boxes of 50 (18mm) or 30 (38mm) you can rest assured that you’re getting good value for money with your bars.

Here at Canvas Supplies, we are proud of the collection we have on offer here on our website. From the quality of the pine to its durability, there’s simply no denying that the canvas bars on offer here are some of the best in the UK. We only utilise the best materials, tried and tested over five years and with 15 years of experience in the print industry, we are proud of the supplies we are now able to offer.

Canvas Stretcher Bars For Sale

We are proud stockists of a variety of different lengths and widths when it comes to canvas bars, all of which are simple to use and put together yourself. All of our canvas stretcher bars are designed to slot together easily to form a base frame to stretch your canvas across, and we even supply the wedges needed to tap into the corners of the frame to keep everything tightly put together. Each style of bar even has rounded edges so you’ll benefit from a lack of indentation in your canvas material. They’re kiln dried with low moisture content too, so you and your customers can benefit from a long-lasting canvas frame as a result.

Available in a range of different sizes through our 18mm and 38mm variations, you can choose the length that is necessary for the canvases that you print. Both variations come in 8 – 60-inch lengths at varying prices depending on the size that you want. 8 inch, 18mm canvas stretcher bars, for example, will come in at £9.75 for a box of 50, while a 60-inch version would be £51.20 for a box of the same volume. A 38mm set of 30, however, would come at £8.86 for 8-inch length and £50.32 for 60 inches. The size that suits you will depend on the customer base you have and the print service that you survive. Regardless, we aim to offer the best quality pine canvas bars for an affordable price and by selling the bars in bulk, we are able to offer precisely that.

Take a look at the collection we have available below and place your order with us, today.